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About Us

Unimasoft is a company operating in the technology sectors, including Design, Animation, Software, Robotics, & IoT. Unimasoft also has dynamic fields such as management and branding.


We are a reliable partner in the digital transformation journey of companies, from a medium to large companies.

We combine leading technology with innovation to transform business processes into automated digital solutions.

We understand that the future of business is digital, and we are ready to help you achieve a competitive advantage through the best technology solutions.


Check out our work to see how we can help move your business forward.



  • Commando : Delta Eartch Conflict

    An intense 2.5D platformer game with character customization, gripping storyline, and challenging gameplay, where players aim to restore peace to Delta Earth and determine its fate.
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  • Garuda the Protector 3D

    An RPG with Garuda as the main character, where players must complete levels, face challenges, battle powerful enemies, improve their skills, find rare items, and master Garuda's Heroic powers to achieve victory.
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  • Garuda the Protector 2D

    A 2D adventure game where players choose the character Garuda to rescue a princess from monster attacks. This game offers various levels with increasingly challenging obstacles, including additional enemies, traps, and changes to the level map.
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  • Air Force Lunc

    A video game with an aircraft and alien theme offers an exciting experience as a pilot combating alien attacks. There are various levels with challenges, different types and skins of aircraft, and 12 pilots with special abilities to assist in the fight against aliens.
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  • Edugator

    This Augmented Reality educational game takes learning to a new level. By combining cutting-edge AR technology with brain-stimulating questions, this game sparks curiosity, enhances understanding of the world around us, and nurtures an interest in learning in a fun and interactive way.
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    While the gecko was asleep, he woke up because he was choking on an insect. When the bug came out, the gecko ran away in fear. But the insect followed it, until it didn't realise it had climbed on the gecko's head. The insect wants to be friends with the gecko.
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    A gecko who can't wait to do something. From being impatient in queuing for groceries, to being impatient in driving. What should be done by gecko? Video 3 (public toilet)
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    A gecko who doesn't take care of his hygiene, so he gets itchy spots all over his body. The doctor gave him medicine and taught the gecko how to keep his body clean and healthy.
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    A stingy gecko does not want to share cookies and another gecko takes cookies without permission, capable of making the gecko furious, even though in his bag, he still has cookies.
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    Two geckos whose different colour preferences put them at odds. After some thought, it turns out that doing something together with their different favourites isn't bad and makes it more fun.
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    A gecko who couldn't resist going to the bathroom. It knocked on the door, and even kicked the door to hurry the person using it. But... what happened next?
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